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Shift Sports

Creating an identity for the
Softball Cricket world

Located in Florida, USA, Shift Sports was developed by Mark Khan an Industrial Designer originally from Guyana, South America. With great collaborative effort from long time partners Paul Holland, Luis Vega and Vinayak Sanjay Urs, we are in constant development of a family of products focused on the softball cricket world, the largest underserved market in the world of sports.

We started with the E5, a sculptural one piece bat that bows to the origins of the cricket bat in form. Our patented OFFSET handle pushes the bat face forward for better balance and faster reaction time to the ball.

With our MODBAT, we have brought real innovation to cricket with the world's FIRST modular cricket bat. 

We continue to bring real innovation to the world of sports with the creation of WIKITBALL, a REVOLUTIONARY new sport where (3) batters play against (9) bowlers/pitchers all at once.

This sport was created to have everyone play all at once. Now, no one stands out in the field waiting for the ball, everyone is in the game and everyone plays all at once. Stay tuned, we have many more products to be launched. Thanks for stopping by.


All products and information presented on this website is the property of Shift Sports LLC, FLorida, USA

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